Summer Research Opportunity for Medical Students


Evidence from epidemiologic, basic, and clinical studies suggests that good sleep promotes good health, and that sleep disturbances have adverse health consequences. Sleep disorders are associated with increased mortality risk, as well as increased risk for stroke, obesity, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. Characteristics of sleep itself are also associated with health. The greatest amount of evidence relates to health correlates and consequences of inadequate sleep duration; but other dimensions of sleep related to health and functioning include sleep efficiency, sleep timing, sleep regularity, alertness, and sleep quality. This has led the sleep and circadian research field to focus on the broader construct of “sleep health.”  

Our medical student program is designed to provide early exposure and ongoing relationships with successful sleep medicine researchers by engaging medical students and MD-PhD students in two complementary research experiences:

Medical student summer program: This is a 10 to 12 week individualized research experience with a sponsoring mentor that includes didactics directly linked to student research projects, and opportunities to interact with potential role models and peers.

Medical student scholarly project: This is a longer term involvement through the School of Medicine Scholarly Project.

Interest applicants should complete the online form or contact Linda Willrich, the program administrator at

Meet some of our previous summer research trainees ..

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Naveen Jain 

Alexandra Fortunato, DO

Vivianne Oyefusi

Clayton Wyland