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There will also be 11 live, interactive  “Meet the Experts” sessions on hot topics in sleep and circadian science. 

Meet the Experts Sessions

Colleen McClung, PhD Genetic, molecular, and omics approaches to sleep and circadian science
Christopher Kline, PhD Research grade versus commercially available actigraphy devices: The good, the bad and the possible
Martica Hall, PhD
Bokai Zhu, PhD
Sleep and rhythms across the lifespan: Aging, co-morbidities, or something more complex?
Marquis Hawkins, PhD Novel tools for causal inference using observational data
Ryan Logan, PhD
Brant Hasler, PhD
Translating basic sleep and circadian science to public health
Daniel Buysse, MD Designing and conducting clinical trials in sleep and circadian medicine
Sanjay Patel, MD
Martica Hall, PhD
Racial/ethnic differences in sleep: Disparities and/or differences
Stephen Smagula, PhD Rest activity rhythms: What are they and how can they be used in sleep and circadian science?
Charles Atwood, MD
Adam Bramoweth, PhD
Brant Hasler, PhD
Telemedicine for sleep and circadian rhythms
Daniel Patterson, PhD Field research in sleep and rhythms in first responders
Daniel Buysse, MD
Charles Atwood, MD
Treating sleep and rhythm disorders to improve health