Brain, Emotion and Sleep in Teens (BEST)

Vulnerability to Bipolar Disorder in Adolescence: Interactions Among Sleep VAriability, Familial Risk, and Reward-Control Processes (K02 MH111953)

The BEST research study is examining how both healthy and unhealthy sleep patterns may affect brain systems related to risk for psychiatric conditions. While we are interested in the negative impact of poor sleep, we are also interested in the potential benefits of good sleep in teens. By studying teens with a range of good to poor sleep patterns we hope to eventually inform sleep-focused interventions to reduce risk and build resilience in teens.

Your family may qualify for the study if:

  • you’re a parent free of emotional and behavioral disorders or you’re a parent diagnoses with bipolar disorder 
  • if you have a teen 14-18 years old enrolled in high school
  • if your teen has no history of bipolar disorder or schizophrenia 

Principal Investigator:
Adrian Soehner, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Study Coordinator:
Kathleen Scully, 412-383-3110 or